Story Behind Japan’s No. 1 100% Natural White Hair Cover | Herbriller

The Herbriller Story

The search for 100% natural hair care products


As a child growing up with allergies, Yoko Nakanishi was often sick and naturally became sensitive to health and environment. She took particular interest in self-healing and immune system strengthening, and came to know about the healing effects of the ‘miraculous herb’, henna.

With a vision to bring top quality henna to the Japanese market, she spent more than 10 years to research and develop Herbriller – a salon hair care product range that contains 100% natural ingredients including the highest-grade henna and other premium herbs.

Today, Herbriller is used by hair care professionals in salons across Japan.

As Yoko continues her mission to develop 100% natural salon and home hair care products that promote holistic care for hair care professionals and their customers, we are embarking on a journey to share our philosophy with like-minded salons and hair care professionals in Asia and around the world.


Yoko Nakanishi, developer of Herbriller

Yoko Nakanishi is the founder and advisor of Nature Henna・Shirodhara Research Society. Through her own experience of growing up with allergies, she took particular interest in the self-healing and immune system strengthening aspects of Ayurveda and came across henna. She wrote and published the book, “The Mystical Herb, Henna”. Yoko continues to be active in spreading a holistic view on self-care through henna.