100% Natural Ingredients for Covering White Hair | Herbriller

Our Ingredients

Only 100% natural vegetal ingredients


Herbriller is a 100% natural vegetal ingredients salon hair care product made with 10 premium herbs. In addition to covering white hair, these herbs provide nourishment for the hair and promotes healthy hair growth.

The premium herbs used in Herbriller include:



Henna contains an orange coloring component called lawsone to dye the hair naturally and conditions the hair.

Only top quality ECOCERTĀ®-certified "Triple A Grade Henna" is used in Herbriller, which can only be attained if it passes the strict criteria of purity, freshness and safety.

What separates high quality henna from general henna is that only leaves - the only part of the henna plant containing lawsone - are used, which shortens the time needed to dye hair. Top quality henna is rare in Indian as they are mainly exported.