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Herbriller Color Treatment for Covering White and Gray Hair

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September 18, 2018

With 100% natural ingredients, Herbriller’s color treatment is a healthy and safe way to cover your white and gray hair. In this blog post, we talk about who would be suitable for Herbriller’s color treatment, what the treatment process is like, and where you can find a salon for Herbriller treatments.

Who Herbriller color treatment is suited for

If you are concerned about ingredients that go into your hair care products, whether for health reasons or simply to prevent damage to your hair and scalp, Herbriller would be suitable for you. Herbriller uses only natural ingredients of vegetal origins.

Herbriller, with premium herbs in its formulation, can solve scalp problems such as dandruff and oily scalp, and improve scalp condition to reduce thinning of hair and hair loss.

If your hair is dull, dry and damaged from chemical hair treatments, Herbriller can restore and maintain its shine and elasticity.

Herbriller contains only natural ingredients including pure, organic henna and allergic reactions to pure henna are very rare. If necessary, you can ask your hairstylist to perform a patch test for you if you are using Herbriller hair dye for the first time.

How Herbriller color treatment works

A Herbriller color treatment covers your white and gray hair, and the herbs in the hair dye also nourishes your scalp and hair at the same time.

Step 1: Scalp massage with Herbriller Skin Oil

The treatment begins with a scalp massage using the Herbriller Skin Oil. The scalp massage promotes blood circulation and cleanses your pores. You will also feel relaxed with the massage.

Step 2: Base color treatment with Herbriller Henna Orange

Herbriller Henna Orange hair dye is next applied to your hair and scalp. The natural hair dye with premium herbs (including top quality henna) will bind to the proteins in your hair, giving an orange tint to white hair and shine to dark-colored hair. This can provide an interesting highlight effect if your white hair is sparse.

As Herbriller contains the highest-grade henna, the coloration only takes between 20 to 30 minutes, compared to lower quality henna which could take one hour or much longer. The quicker coloration is possible because the top quality henna used in Herbriller contains a high amount of lawsone – the natural coloring component present in henna.

You may also feel a cooling and relaxing sensation on your scalp, as henna has astringent properties to cool down heat.

In addition to coloring white hair, the herbs in the hair dye work together to rejuvenate and strengthen hair cuticles. This is especially helpful for restoring the shine and elasticity in hair that has become weak and dull due to exposure to chemical hair treatments.

The herbs in the hair dye also help to slow down the ageing of the scalp and help you maintain a healthy scalp. If you compare the scalp to farm land, having a healthy scalp means that your hair has a ‘fertile’ plot of land on which to grow healthily.

Step 3: Color treatment with Herbriller Colors

If you have a lot of white hair and prefer a brown or a shade close to black for your hair, you may opt to do a second treatment with Herbriller colors ranging from Soft Black, Dark Brown, Brown to Light Brown. This treatment also takes around 20 to 30 minutes.

These Herbriller colors contain herbs including indigo tinctofera, also called true indigo. The bluish color of indigo, when mixed with the orange color of lawsone in henna in the Herbriller Henna Orange base color treatment, helps achieve the varying shades of natural-looking brown color on the hair.

What to know about Herbriller color treatment

Herbriller colors are 100% natural hair dyes with vegetal origins. Unlike conventional hair dyes that contain chemicals to open up and penetrate the hair cuticles so that the desired colors can be deposited, colors from natural hair dyes like Herbriller bind to the surface of the hair. The hair dye oxidizes and stabilizes 3 to 4 days after the color treatment.

The resulting color from a natural hair dye treatment varies from individual to individual, and even on individual strands of hair. This means that you get natural-looking hair color which may even give you a nice, highlight effect on your hair.

Where to get Herbriller color treatment

Herbriller is currently available in Japan and Singapore. Find a salon and book an appointment for a Herbriller treatment.

When meeting your hairstylist for the first time, speak to him or her about your hair concerns. Your hairstylist will assess the condition of your hair and scalp, and recommend the appropriate Herbriller treatment for you.

At A Glance: Herbriller Color Treatment

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